Board Meeting Etiquette

Board meetings require a lot preparation from a multitude of people, in addition to the actual meeting. To make these meetings as effective and productive as it is possible all participants must adhere to the rules of board meetings. This ensures that the discussion stays on topic and prevents people from wasting their time or distracting others.

To avoid this, it’s crucial to communicate the agenda, reports, and talking points a few days before the meeting. This lets attendees review all the relevant information and prepare their remarks and questions ahead of time. It is also an excellent idea to inform the chair ahead of time of a conflict of interests whether it’s actual or not. This will allow him or her to allow the member to declare the conflict, and then expect to be absent.

Respecting the opinions and contributions of others is an additional aspect of the etiquette. This means paying attention and not interrupting other speakers, even when you disagree with them. This means speaking clearly, and only asking questions when necessary. It is also recommended to switch your mobile phone off or to silent during the meeting. You should only answer calls from personal phones if emergencies arise.

This will allow the other participants to concentrate and fully participate in the meeting. The last thing you want is for them to be distracted by your phone’s and worry whether your microphone has been turned off.