Best Investment Banking Schools

The best investment banking programs are known for producing students that excel in their area of expertise. They usually provide excellent undergraduate and graduate programs in finance, business and economics. They also offer extensive networking opportunities and resources for students.

Ivy League schools, such as Harvard and Yale continue to dominate the list of top investment banking schools. Their alumni are sought-after by bulge bracket banks institutions and they have the best networks of any school. Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business is another prestigious school. It boasts an outstanding program and numerous summer internships that are arranged with Goldman Sachs. Morgan Stanley. Blackstone. Citi. J.P. Morgan.

Selecting a school that offers the best career opportunities for the investment banking industry is also crucial. It is important to choose a school with programs specifically designed for you that are relevant to your area of interest and can assist you in connecting to industry professionals to get an internship or job offer.

Additionally, you should take into consideration the presence of top investment banks on campus and whether or not the school offers a finance degree. It’s also important to check the number of graduates who work in investment banking for the particular firm and in the location. Even even if a school is considered highly but if there aren’t a lot of alumni from the field you’d like to work in, it may be difficult for you to get into.