Antivirus For iPhone – How to Keep Your iPhone Safe From Malware and Virus Attacks

Malware on iPhones is real danger, despite the fact that iPhones have one of the most secure operating systems (a marketing tool Apple could use) malware for iPhones is a very real risk. From viruses that steal passwords to Trojans that monitor your messages, it is essential that you ensure that you keep your iOS device safe by installing the most reliable antivirus for iphone.

iPhones do not need antivirus software, however they can be harmed by malware if they are jailbroken. A majority of security software designed specifically for iPhone can also be used on the iPad and iPod touch. However, be aware that some are advertised as antivirus apps for iphone, but don’t provide any protection whatsoever.

Avast Mobile Security is a free application that offers good iphone security against viruses. The app runs a complete system scan and searches for security vulnerabilities that could be susceptible to attack. The app is updated with its definitions database daily to spot new threats. It also comes with a password monitor that checks databases to alert you when passwords linked to your email address have been leaked online. The app also helps to protect your privacy online and offline with features such as a photo vault that keeps your photos private and secure, and remote lock and wipe feature that you can activate if you lose your phone.

If you’re seeking an antivirus that comes with more advanced features, look into Norton or McAfee. Both offer a wide range of features that include real-time protection against iphone viruses, security alerts and parental controls. The apps can also help keep your privacy secure on public Wi-Fi networks with bank-grade encryption. The software can locate your stolen or lost iphone and send a picture to the person who tries to use it.