What to Include on Your Board Meeting Agenda

The agenda for a board meeting is the document that outlines the topics to be discussed, voted on and approved at contract management process includes the next meeting. To develop an effective agenda for a meeting of the board, you must understand your organization’s requirements as well as the preferences of the members. It’s a document that must be created in collaboration with the goal of ensuring the highest level of information, engagement, and effectiveness.

The board secretary should go through the minutes of the previous meeting prior to calling the meeting to call it to order. This allows everyone to know where they stand with respect to previous decisions and discussions, and allows them to get into new topics quicker.

This section of the agenda will include important updates from the key people in the room on a wide range of topics. Based on the structure of your business it could include reports by the executive director, finance director, or even the committee on program. The board members can ask any questions that arise from these presentations or other news relevant to the topic.

This is the final place where your board can reserve time to discuss any new issues or business they would like to bring up. This is a great time to make special announcements, send congratulations messages or shout outs. The facilitator of your meeting will announce the date of the next meeting.