The Benefits of Using a Board Portal

Board Portal is a web-based application that lets companies simplify their meetings, share files and documents and improve governance. The tool is quickly growing in popularity among not-for-profit and for-profit organisations alike because of its numerous benefits. The tool helps save time and money, while also reducing the requirement to purchase, maintain and manage various software solutions for tasks such as meeting minutes communications, document sharing, communication and voting.

Collaboration on documents is simple across platforms and devices in real-time, even when board members are located across continents. Utilize pre-designed templates to create agendas and share them quickly, calendar integrations to provide an all-in-one view of everyone’s real-time schedules, and electronic signatures to sign off on decisions instantly. The system also keeps an historical record of every action, vote and comments, which gives an exhaustive picture of the decision-making process.

Before and during the meeting, board portals allow directors to read and comment on documents offline or online, as well as communicate with committee members and team members in a secure environment. They also ensure all changes are recorded and backups are made to ensure the most current version is always available.

The top board management software vendors offer strict security protocols, including two-factor authentication for logins and full encryption of the stored information and communications between members. They will also typically support a the policy of data retention to limit the liability of the company. They should also offer a free trial to potential customers, so that they have an opportunity to try the software before they decide to purchase it.