How to Design a Strategic Board Agenda That Supports Your Board’s Effectiveness

The strategic agenda can assist your board to achieve its objectives. But, it’s not the only factor it is vital to ensure that board members are engaged in lively discussions that lead to informed decisions.

Be it a conversation about board performance, a presentation of a new program, or an in-depth analysis of a particular operational problem, the right agenda is the best way to ensure effective collaboration that supports your organization’s growth. This article will teach you how to create a strategic agenda for your board that will help increase its effectiveness without wasting time on unnecessary operational details.

There is no ideal method to organize the agenda for a board meeting, however the best practices suggest that you prioritize the issues based on the strategic goals of the organization and leave reports and other old business to the last. The board can be assisted by preparing the list of objectives and desired outcomes prior to the strategy day. This will help focus their attention and reduce the length of meetings.

In the same way, scheduling two annual retreats instead of one can facilitate more extensive discussion. Integrating experts from other industries on the agenda is useful in stimulating discussion and promoting a deeper level strategic thinking among directors. It is crucial to communicate clearly all procedure and requirements for meetings including the procedure to vote and decision-making to your board prior the meeting day to ensure that they are well prepared.