13 fun not awkward virtual icebreakers for your hybrid meetings

Well, now you do — and you’ve learned a little bit about how she thinks as well. Mural community A forum for members to come together to learn, collaborate, ask and answer questions. Webinars and events Expert-led sessions explain how to unlock the power of visual collaboration for your teams. Empower hybrid, remote, or distributed teams to work better together. Information technology Empower hybrid, remote, or distributed teams to work better together.

ice breakers for large virtual meetings

Once RSVPs or registrations start coming in, compile a list of facts about your attendees. Then, ask attendees to guess where each photo was taken. Ask the volunteer to state two truths and a lie and to see if other attendees can guess the lie. Make the questions as unexpected as possible (such as “the person I would https://remotemode.net/ most like to go skydiving with” or “the person I could never send on a peacekeeping mission”). Give everyone five cards with a person written on each one. But try to be broad enough that everyone knows someone from that category (such as a boss, a significant other, a parent, a pet, a mail-delivery person, etc.).

#8 Bowl of Questions

This next icebreaker is great if you want to warm people up but also set some context for the meeting or workshop. The goal of the One Word game is to ease your workshop participants into your workshop topic in a lighthearted, low-pressure way. So what are the best icebreakers for your in-person, remote, and hybrid workshops or meetings? You’ve played trivia, tasted wine and possibly even baked bread with your teams, but you know what’s even more effective for helping people feel connected? Better still is a highly interactive laughter workshop run by professional, compassionate comedians who get even the most introverted in the room feeling a part of the group. In this virtual charades game, participants will compete to see who can guess the most target words and phrases.

How do you break the ice in virtual meetings?

  1. One-minute introductions. Short introductions are a good way to take the pressure off people when getting to know one another and set expectations.
  2. Define ways of working together.
  3. Share your workspace.
  4. Most embarrassing stories.
  5. Show and tell.

Funny icebreakers to share some laughs – Humor is an important part of a healthy workplace. By kickstarting your virtual meeting or event with some funny icebreakers, you can remind everyone in your remote teams why they love being a part of your organization. This list of engaging virtual ice breakers will have your team bonding and building a successful rapport. For even more ideas to connect you and your virtual team, check out our popular article about virtual team building activities.

#35. Group storytelling

This is a great exercise for fostering good communication, and people are bound to get a laugh out of the results. Sort attendees into huddle rooms and give one person in each pair an image. They have to describe the image for the other person to draw on a virtual whiteboard.

ice breakers for large virtual meetings

Two truths and a lie gives your group the opportunity to get to know one another on a more personal level, while also adding elements of mystery, competition, and secrecy. Our daily newsletter delivers breaking news, and fresh original content – straight to your inbox, every weekday. Destinations 5 Meeting Myths — Busted Fresh ideas are essential for keeping attendees truly engaged. Here are five meeting myths that may be holding back your full creative potential.

Increase engagement throughout the event

(Here’s a downloadable virtual Bingo card template you can modify.) Give everyone a card, and tell them to find people who match the facts on the card. The first person to get five squares in a row and shout Bingo wins. By talking about childhood, you are allowing your group to connect with one another on a much deeper level than the typical ice breakers for large virtual meetings icebreaker activity. People bingo is a great activity to do for an especially large group with limited time. The activity allows your team to make connections with one another almost instantaneously without requiring each person to share their thoughts on a Zoom call. This activity is another popular one you may or may not be familiar with.

What are the ice breakers for a Zoom happy hour?

Ice breaker Remote Happy Hour Questions

Given the choice, would you rather have four legs or four hands? If you could go back in time, what would you want to change about your life? If you could time travel to the future, where would you go and what would you do? What's a fun fact that nobody knows about you?

This is a great game for teams that work from home (not so much for co-working). Call out common household objects (fork, cushion, something blue, etc.) and ask the team to run and find them as quickly as possible. Another variation is to prepare some true and false statements in advance and distribute them to participants.

And just like that, you’re a pro virtual host

Most of these icebreaker questions are hybrids and will work for both in-person and remote teams, as well as for people who have or who haven’t met before. What’s more, icebreaker questions don’t require any equipment or preparation, making them perfect for both in-person and remote teams. Does your virtual team have strong communication and rapport? Below, we outline our list of the 100 most engaging virtual ice breaker questions. This is a fun icebreaker for learning about your colleagues’ pasts. Whether online or in-person, go around the group and have each person share the achievement they’re most proud of from before age 18.

ice breakers for large virtual meetings